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Anam Cara - Soul Friend

Start a Meeting

Our Purpose
The Way
Start a Meeting

Nakusp Meditation Shelter

No formal consecration is needed,
no church authorization,
no theological degree of any sort.
Just a sincere heart.

In The Name of Jesus Christ, We The People

Are Gathered.


For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. - - - Jesus

Starting a meeting

Thinking of starting a meeting?

What is needed?

A time, a place, and two or three gathered is all that is needed. Christ will dwell in our midst.

Some have found that meeting in a home can free a group from many of the
entanglements that try to distract us from our primary focus in Christ.

What is not needed?

To get started, you don't need permission.

You don't need money.

We keep our worship simple, minimizing distractions. You don't need a building, a budget, a preacher, a hierarchy, a Sunday school, the sacraments or catechisms. You don't need a choir, or a pulpit or anything else you can see. Christ is our life. He is all we need. We worship in Spirit, and in Truth.

We hope that you too will enjoy the benefit of gathering simply, with Christ in the midst.

As you gather your friends together, may God bless you, and guide you.



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